Animated Bumper

An identity redesign and animated logo project for a client who runs a lecture series program at George Brown College (GBC), called Work@Life. The Work@Life program aims to connect students with industry alumni through a series of events and lectures.

To see the bumper in action visit it here.

An identity redesign and animated logo project for Work@Life. 


Quick Facts

Target Audience:
GBC, School of Design Alumni and GBC School of Design students

Software Used
Adobe Creative Suite CC (After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere, and Photoshop)

Running Time
10 seconds

Dimensions + Format:
Initial identity designed at 1 inch wide
Animated bumper H.264, 1080p


Playing on Youtube channel, visit it here.

Rough colour palette and the original identity design.

Rough identity redesign work.


Project Insights

I In this project, I gained skills in better reading my clients when they say that they want an identity design that's different, and what this really meant in terms of my client's comfort level. Differentiation doesn't always have to mean drastic or wild. Here I learned how to give a client a new identity that was both something new, but still within their comfort zone.

Problem Solved

The issue that needed solving here was to redesign the current identity that was appealing to both industry partners and to students. I needed to create an identity that had strong visual metaphors so that could be translated into an animated motion graphic bumper to go before video projects the program produces for promotional and education purposes.