Placemaking + Research Project

A research project that I co-project managed and was the creative lead in partnership between George Brown College and WATERFRONT Toronto. The challenge our research team was given was to find a way to build trust between Toronto residents and their waterfront, which is also the primary source of Toronto's drinking water. 

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Quick Facts

Target Audience
Local Toronto residents of all ages and genders.

Software Used
SketchUp, Adobe Creative Suite CC (After Effects, Premiere, InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop)

Running time

Research Presentation length
10 minutes

Project components and formats
Video, H.264 video
3D Architectural renderings, high resolution 17 inches x 11 inches
SIP Brand Identity, 9 full-colour letter sized pages
Research report, 17 full-colour letter size pages
20 slide keynote presentation at 1920p x 1080p

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Project Insights

On the project I developed a lot of strategies to manage different personalities, and language barriers on a team to prevent conflicts and stoppages in work. The research project had tight deadlines so this was very important to the project's success. I used visual, timed problem solving strategies that got everyone involved during brainstorming sessions without having to talk a lot. I would also draw out the quiet ones on a one-on-one basis who either had trouble with the English or were being introspective in group situations. 

Problem Solved

My primary role on the project boiled down to three tasks: my primary task was to keep the project on schedule; then to make decisions on the creative assets being made by team members for the final research presentation; lastly to fill in any gaps on production when my lead designers were too busy on something more time sensitive.