The Number 23

Title Design Research

I conducted a motion graphics research project to better understand one of my favourite title designers, Michelle Dougherty. She is pretty well known for her opening title sequence for Stranger Things, yet I chose a lessor known but still equally inspiring opening title design sequence for the feature, ‘The Number 23’.

The resulting research film created was broken into two parts: the first part was presented the original title design by Michelle Dougherty and her creative team, with a voice-over by me explaining my insights. The second part was my own abridged title design tribute to original.


Click play my version of Michelle Dougherty’s title design for the feature: ‘The Number 23’.

Fast Facts

Project Length 3 weeks, part-time

Target Audience Film buffs who appreciate the artistry of title designs. All genders, and all ages

Software Used Adobe Creative Suite CC (After Effects, Audition, and Photoshop)

Running Time 4 minutes, 28 seconds

Format H.264, 1080p

Rough Work

Footage for my analogue experiments for film effects in the making of my tribute open title sequence. Click to watch my highlight reel.

Moodboard for my version of the title design. Click to enlarge.

My No. 3 Underwood Typewritter as an inspiration source for the project, Click to enlarge.

Produced Design Work

Click to enlarge.