Mirror Conspiracy

Title Design

Mirror Conspiracy is the film adaptation of a thriller anthology I have been writing for several years. This project was an opening title design sequence to a story that explores themes of betrayal, connected consciousness and redemption in a gritty urban dystopian setting with an ensemble cast of characters whose lives are interwoven throughout the span of the series.

Click play to watch the opening sequence.


Quick Facts

Target Audience
Movie-buffs who love a good mystery and/or psychological-thriller

Software Used
Adobe Creative Suite CC (After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop)

Running Time
2 minutes and 35 seconds

Dimensions + Format
H.264, 1080p


Early prototype for the main title.


Project Insights

i learned how to both direct actors and shoot my own film in this project. I also learned how to create 3D textured typography and to use multiple effects in After Effects together to create a mirror shattering affect. 

Problem Solved

The challenge of the project was to convey not only the creatives involved in the picture who volunteered their time and support but also to clue audience members in about a complex back-story of the main character to save time during the rest of the episode.