50th Anniversary Collection, George Brown College

Pocket Square Design

A special polka-dotted pocket square was created, as a part of a special business apparel line offered to celebrate George Brown College's bicentennial.

The GBC 50th pocket square in action.


Quick Facts

Target Audience
GBC faculty, staff and alumni, aged 30+

Software Used
Adobe Creative Suite CC—Illustrator

Dimensions + Materials
12 inches X 12 inches, 100% silk


The three rough versions of the design.

The final pocket square design


Project Insights

Through this project I was able to working on my pattern making skills and have it applied to apparel. I learned a lot about the importance colour and scale plays when using isometric dots in a pattern design.

Problem Solved

What was needed in the creation of this pocket square design was a simple pattern with GBC's colours on it that also worked well with a men's business suit. By using bright colours from GBC identity in a configuration that worked well with dark colours a design was established that was popular amongst the corporate business crowd.