Free Spirit Spheres

Logo Redesign Project

A redesign personal project of the main identity of Vancouver Island Based ecotourism company, 'Free Spirit Spheres'. Having lived on Vancouver Island for several years I was inspired by this company and felt that a redesign of their identity could help generate more visitors to the site.

Free Spirit Spheres identity, reversed.


Quick Facts

Target Audience:Domestic and global travellers, 30-35

Software Used
Adobe Creative Suite CC (Illustrator and Photoshop)

Designed at 1.5 inches wide


The logo mocked up onto trucker hats.

Project Insights

The importance of ideation and the value of creating multiple versions of an identity over and over was instilled in this early identity project.

Problem Solved

Free Spirit Sphere's identity on their print and digital promotional material needed a refresh to increase the number of visitors coming to stay in their unique spherical hand-crafted rooms suspended high in the remote forests of Vancouver Island.

50 thumbnail sketches for the main identity design.