FPS Magazine

Editorial Design

The creation of a new Canadian film and television industry magazine called, ‘FPS'. This included: editorial layouts, art direction of the first year's issues, as well as copy writing and complete design of the content in the premiere issue about Canadian film on the frontier.

The cover for the second issue of FPS magazine that focused on the importance of Costume Design in film.


Quick Facts

Target Audience
Early to mid-career creatives working in Canada's film and television industries

Software Used
Adobe Creative Suite CC (Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop), and Microsoft Word

Dimensions + Materials
20 full-colour pages
8.25 inches X 11 inches
Printed on glossy coated copy weight paper

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Project Insights

I created this magazine from the ground up, my primary learning task was to understand the components of a magazine and how they work as a system. I also had to learn about many issues that the Canadian film and television industry faces in order to create enough content for the first 12 issues. Throughout the project I learned a lot about the importance of establishing rules to make the production cycle as quick and as painless as possible.

Problem Solved

The challenge posed here was to create a film industry magazine for English-speaking Canada that had high production values that communicated sophistication and optimism. I solved the problem by researching what was currently out in the market and then differentiating myself from these offerings by designing an industry magazine aimed at a younger millennials audience and using branded freebies like unique 3D glasses.