Find Your Film Fest

Web, Branding + Motion

Find Your Film Fest was my graduating thesis project. I chose to work with Ontario's tourism marketing company (OTMPC) to help them connect better with Millennial aged tourists. To help with this, I also partnered with Ontario's 70+ film festivals to allow for a new and more personable way for domestic and international tourists to explore Ontario’s rich culture.


Main deliverable


A 30 second desktop website capture video from

Fast Facts

Project Length 6 months, part-time

Target Audience Millennial travellers, international and domestic.

Software Used Adobe Creative Suite CC (Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, Audition, After Effects), InVision and Sketch App.

Components Responsive 42 page website, digital brand guide, brand Kit, motion graphics, promotional material, social media strategy guide, research summary

Other deliverables

Motion graphics

Multiple video were created for the project from lower third treatments, to explainer videos, to animated identities.


This is a promotional trailer for, "Find Your Film Fest,". Using my lower third designs and short clips from trailers produced by several Ontario film fest's, I was able to showcase both the project and these great film festivals. Click to play.


A digital brand guide and a branding toolkit was created to help give the project and identity and voice, as well as tools to communicate with research partners and potential investors.


Promotional products

Promotional posters, a special postcard for tourists to keep or mail, and t-shirts to purchase to contribute to funding the project were produced.


Social Media Strategy

As the millennial target audience is online and connected, so is this project. A social media strategy was created to to guide the project.


Research Publication

As this project was also a design research project, there was a lot of research conducted before during and after production. What I learned from the project was collected into two custom designed journals.


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