Film Life

Information Motion Graphics Video

An information motion graphics project that features primary and secondary research I conducted about Canada's movie industry and its moviegoers. This project was completed in preparation for my upcoming graduating thesis project, 'Find Your Film Fest,'.

A comedic look at the film watching habits of Canadian movie-goers. Click play to watch the film.

Film Life Theatre Still

Quick Facts

Software Used
Adobe Creative Suite CC (Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Illustrator)

Running Time
4 minutes and 31 seconds

H264, 1080p



Storyboard 1 of 4.

Target audience personas


Project Insights

The project utilizes humour and storytelling as devices to generate interest to highlighted facts and figures about Canada's movie industry. As a designer and storyteller I learned how to use these two powerful tools to get viewers to think deeper about our changing relationship with media and film.

Problem Solved:

My research featured 8 pages of raw data, and over 40 pages and counting of material, so the biggest problem was in condensing the information enough that viewers could understand the information in a video format that was just over 4 minutes in length.