Fall 2016 Orientation George Brown College, School of Design

Graphic Design Campaign

Full design and event campaign of George Brown College's (GBC) School of Design Fall 2016 Orientation. The campaign involved designing a vintage student organizer and student handbook, responsive multiple platform website to assist students, an event program, wayfinding, and presentation slide templates for the presenters.

The desktop and mobile versions of the website along with the vintage student organizer system.



Dimensions + Materials

2000 units
32-page saddle stitched booklet
5.5 inches X 8.5 inches.

Each set included a vintage vinyl cover, Japanese thread wrapped elastic with a metal jewellery closure, as well as isometric dot, blank and line patterned notebooks, Sharpie markers, and a free CD

Responsive designed for mobile, tablet and desktops devices. Click here to view it live.

Designed for both standard display and wide display output formats

Tabloid oversize, full colour

Quick Facts:

Target Audience

Incoming George Brown College, School of Design students

Software Used

Adobe Creative Suite CC (Muse, InDesign and Photoshop)


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Moodboard for the project

project Insights

This project was approved by the School of Design and needed to go through several approval processes. The project also needed to come out on budget. As a result my project management, time management and budgeting skills defintely strengthened upon fininshing this project. Also, as I produced 250 custom designed notebook organizers for an event and I learned how to efficently set and follow a production process to meet objectives carried out by a team of ten people.

Problem Solved

The largest issue the project I was tasked to solve, was to help students to better prepare for the first year of their program at the School of Design. Other problems were: to find ways to help students to get better prepared for the first weeks of school and to manage a group of students to prepare all the deliverables for the orientation event.

Several prototypes were made of the organizer, here are a few of them.