Identity Redesign Project

The Faber-Castell corporation's has been around for over 200 years, and yet the company has only rebranded a handful of times. Given today's socio-political climat, I felt that the green knights could use a changing of the guard to better reflect more contemporary sensibilities for the FaberCastell brand.

The redesigned FaberCastell identity painted on the side of a building.


Quick Facts

Target Audience
Creatives aged 35-50 years old with an affinity to German design and engineering, as well as children all around the globe

Software Used
Adobe Creative Suite CC (Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop)

Dimensions + Materials
22 pages
Drilled and double-sided
6 of the spreads have a special double spread fold out design
All pages are printed on matte-coated cover stock

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Project Insights

Through the project I developed a more minimalist communication design aesthetic which I hadn't yet had the opportunity to develop. I also learned how to work with clients that requested special folds and utilized my quick prototyping skills to work through the techincal demands.

Problem Solved

The problem given to me a redesign of a centuries old company to reposition itseld as a future thinking and enivronmentally friendly leading global manufacture of pencils. I used the company's existing green colour, kept the two horse's central to the old identity but removed the two knights and older serf style typography to bring update the brand.