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Visual Communication



I love branding. On the screen—just as in life—it’s everywhere! Click, ‘learn more’ to see some of my identity designs.


Print Production

Print is not dead. Packaging is very much alive, past, present and future. Click, ‘learn more’ to view more of my work in print.


Digital Production

Digital products are evolving. They need to be animated, responsive and accessible. Click, ‘learn more’ to peruse recent projects.



Motion Graphics


Telling story through movement, imagery and sound.

Click image to watch the full title design.

Techniques Created by Hand

I love putting craft and artistry into the motion graphics I create. Click the image to see my experiments with watercolours, where I made different textures for a project called The Number 23 Research Project.

3D Motion Graphics

I started my 3D training in Adobe After Effects, and now I am expanding into SketchUp, Cinema4D and Blender. Click the image to watch the title design created in After Effects.


About Me 


Quick Facts

Director’s Guild of Canada

Trainee Assistant Art Director

Current Location

Toronto, Canada

Freelance Designer Since


Professional Interests

Visual Communication, Motion Graphics, and Storyboarding

Personal Passions

Well-made equipment from other eras like typewriters, record players and lamps, reading great storytelling, old signage and doodling.

Awards and Recognition

2018 Umbra Award for Design Excellence

2018 Francis Mak Memorial Scholarship

2016 Maddest Designer

2009 SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarships Program Masters Scholarship

Early on in my training as a graphic designer, I knew I wanted to focus on designing for film and television productions. I think it was attending lectures lead by Annie Atkins, Erin Sarofsky and Emily Oberman that gave me the film bug, as what they do really inspires me. I’ve had that bug ever since.

After working on screen-based design projects, I realized why I loved the tight timelines and speed that was required, as designing felt like a daily workout as well as a professional career. As a freelance graphic designer since 2012, with a background in fine arts, and experience designing motion graphics, I am capable of taking on many different tasks to help my team finish on time and on budget. I enjoy research and creating things that are important, but only a few people notice.

I’ve travelled and worked around the world, and I am comfortable working in many different environments amongst an incredibly diverse range of people. Recently, I joined the Director’s Guild of Canada, Art Department caucus, and I am excited to work on some fantastic productions in the months and years to come.

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