Allison Cake, Graphic Designer, M.F.A.

Allison Cake, Graphic Designer, M.F.A.

Helping people solve problems, telling their stories, and creating content that connects people together gives me so much joy.
— Allison Cake

Early on in my training as a graphic designer, I knew I wanted to focus on designing for screens. Working in television and broadcasting has made me love tight time-lines, quick thinking, and working in teams to get done the impossible. As a freelance graphic designer, with a background in fine arts, and professional design training, I am capable of working on many kinds of projects from web, to print, to screen-based. 


Current Location
Toronto, Canada

Freelance Designer Since

Professional organizations
Directors Guild of Canada
Provisional R.G.D. Member
Artscape Daniels Launchpad

Professional Interests
Branding, Motion Graphics, and Information Design

Personal Passions
Well-made equipment from other eras such as typewriters, analogue telephones, reading great stories, old signage and well crafted music.