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An illustration I did at the beginning of this year in response to the passing of a great poet Mary Oliver.

Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.
— Mary Oliver, Poet


Branding and corporate communications

I love branding and it’s everywhere! My experience with working with a wide range of brands, from big to small, from public to private sector makes me capable of taking on just about any visual communication challenge you can throw at me.


Infographic Design

The business world is data-driven. Working for news production in both broadcasting and web formats, I am often working to simplify very complex time-sensitive pieces of information. Sometimes the end deliverable is a map, or a graph or a table, but I never lose sight of the story behind the numbers, or the viewer who is going to be viewing it.


Motion graphics and animation

Motion graphics means telling stories using movement, imagery and sound. I started my training in Adobe After Effects, and now I’ve expanded into SketchUp, Cinema4D and Blender. My background in studio art allows me to mix in drawing, illustration and photographic processes that create a custom and differentiated look.

Creating clarity and focus has been my top priority with all my clients
— Allison Cake

Designer for Hire

On branding projects my main focus is to help clients face change with quick thinking and optimism. On motion graphics projects, I work with clients to help tell stories to better reach their audiences. On infographic design projects, I help clients distill their data into the most accessible format.

Design Consultant

Working with smaller UX and web-based firms, I provide research, iteration and art direction services to keep projects fresh and on time. I give clients new ways to think about the problems they are stuck on that are also more accessibility (AODA, or ADA) compliant. 

Design Coordinator

I also participate yearly in intensive cross-disciplinary design projects. Often taking a coordinating role, I can fill in gaps of a production cycle, and I usually end up presenting the design research at the end.


Freelance Graphic Design Experience



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